» Making love man to man, woman to woman… »

Making love man to man, woman to woman…

Making love man to man, woman to woman...


Sexual energy is very close to electrical energy. Perhaps for sexual energy the right word is “bioelectricity”. And it has been known at least in one case, but one case is enough proof…. A woman in Sweden became a problem: she was very beautiful, but whosoever made love to her got electric shocks. And one shock was enough, nobody wanted to make love to the woman. Soon it became common knowledge to avoid that woman. The shock was so much that one felt one was almost dying.


The doctors became interested — what was happening? They persuaded somebody for experimental purposes — in the service of humanity — to make love to the woman. They put a five watt bulb in the hands of the woman, and they were shocked, because the bulb lit up. The man got a shock and fell out of the bed, but the bulb lit up! Sex is bioelectricity.


You have to come back to your natural polarities. If you want to avoid a catastrophe destroying the whole humanity, you have — just in the service of humanity — to change your mode of making love man to man, woman to woman. That is not right, and it can never be satisfying.


Yes, it is less complex, that is why people have fallen for it. Two men in love are happier than a man with a woman. It is not accidental that these people are called “gay.” They are the only happy people on the earth. Wife and husband — you cannot call them gay. They are tortured by each other so much, nagged, harassed… pillow fights every night — that finally a few intelligent people decided that this arrangement was not working. And man is an experimenting animal. They started trying man with man, woman with woman, and found that this is less troublesome.


Yes, there cannot be any orgasmic experience because there is no polarity. There are not two opposites attracted towards each other and meeting. The meeting of the opposites creates orgasm. But you have to pay for that orgasm twenty-four hours a day. And one gets tired, one thinks, “Forget all about that orgasm.”


It is good with two men. Of course there is no orgasmic experience; they settle for less but there is no trouble. They don’t harass each other, they don’t nag each other. A woman in love with another woman, a man in love with another man, are more understanding about each other — naturally, because both are men, both have the male energy, the male mind. There is much more understanding between two men.


Between man and woman understanding is impossible. Misunderstanding is the law, because they are opposite polarities. The woman has a totally different kind of functioning than the man. You can see it in any dialogue between a husband and wife….


I have been a guest in hundreds of homes, and I have been a witness to many couples’ conversations. And I was surprised: the man says one thing, the woman understands something else; the woman says something, the man understands something else. They are both using the same language, the same words, but their interpretations differ.

Every talk ends in a fight. Every talk becomes argumentation. It seems as if there is no possibility between man and woman for beautiful conversation. Conversation I have never seen between men and women — only fight, argument. And they are so different, their reactions are so different. The woman cannot argue as well as the man. But she can scream better than the man.



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