» Relax and drop all that is unnatural in you… »

Relax and drop all that is unnatural in you…


Relax and drop all that is unnatural in you....


Yes, I say what is natural is easy and right, but because you are not natural you are neither easy nor right. Your whole upbringing makes you artificial, arbitrary; it destroys your nature. It imposes something else that others want — it imposes the opinions of others upon you. There are vested interests that would like you to be a certain way. They don’t want you to be natural — they are afraid of nature.

Somewhere deep down in man there is fear of nature. That fear of nature has created many problems. It has created an ugly civilization, a rotten culture, an anti-nature technology, a science against ecology, a religion which is not in tune with your innermost being. It is time for man to revolt against all this that has happened to humanity in the past!

But why is man afraid of nature? There are reasons. The first is: nature is bigger than your ego, and if nature is allowed, the ego cannot be in control. Then nature will control you. Then you will not feel that you are in control, and you would like to be in control. So rather than being natural, you repress your nature and you claim only a small spot of your being. Only one tenth of your being can be controlled by the ego. Then you feel the master, you are the master. With nature you are not the master; with nature you are nowhere, you don’t exist at all. And the ego creates everything — the ego creates morality, and morality is against nature.

For example, what can you do if you fall in love with a woman who is not your wife? That falling in love is natural, but you have to look to other things — your marriage, your prestige, your respectability, your society, your religion, your future, your salary, your job, your business — and not only in this world but in the other world too. You will have to answer to God why you fell in love. It is better to prevent nature, to close nature completely, so you remain confined in the rules and regulations of your society, culture, religion.

You are taught ambitiousness, and nature is non-ambitious. Nature has no instinct in it to be the president of a country or to be the prime minister of a country. Nature would like to dance, sing, love, eat, sleep, to go swimming, take a sunbath…. But nature will not bother to become the president of a country — nature is not that stupid. Who wants to become President Reagan? A third-rate film actor has become the president of America. Now all the third-rate people will be feeling great, will be feeling that now they can also make it. All kinds of stupid fools, mediocre people, become so prominent that if you want to be prominent you have to be mediocre.

Nature is very intelligent. It is not mediocre, it is not stupid; it is tremendously clear, clean, transparent. You have to destroy its transparence, and then naturally you become sad. Then you cannot laugh. Laughter becomes impossible…because laughter is a natural phenomenon. You can be sad, you can be miserable; that is not natural, that is cultivated.
Kevala, you cannot laugh because you are not natural.

Relax and drop all that is unnatural in you — all pretensions, pseudo coverings, masks. Be just ordinary. To be ordinary is the greatest thing in the world. Let me say it in this way: to be ordinary is the most extraordinary thing in the world. And why is it extraordinary? — because the desire to be extraordinary is very ordinary. Hence, to be ordinary is really extraordinary.


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