» Sannyas is not something formal. »

Sannyas is not something formal.


sannyas is not something formal


Remember that sannyas is not something formal.

It has to be such a deep commitment, Such an absolute surrender of the ego

That it gives you a new birth. That you are no more the same

That you become discontinuous with your past.

A new being arrives.

Man is born only as an opportunity.

He has great potential

But remember

A potential is only a potential.

It has to be transformed into a reality

It has to be actualized.

And great effort is needed.

It is an uphill task.

One has to be industrious.

One cannot attain to bliss

By just hoping for it.

Just desiring it is not enough.

You have to put all your energies to the task.

And it is the greatest achievement of life

Hence it needs your total commitment.

Less than that won’t do.

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