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What Will Happen When You Leave This Planet?


What Will Happen When You Leave This Planet


Q: Is there a life after death?

Yes, there is.

But unless you experience it my answer will be a only a belief to you. I know it but i don’t want anybody to believe in my knowledge. I can help my people to come to the point from where they can also come to know. That is one of my basic tenants that unless you know don’t believe, doubt to the very end till you come to know, and when you know no need to believe I don’t believe in life after death, I know.

Q: Do you mind where there is people do believe?

I knowing, because theirs belief will prevents then from knowing. They have no been around theirs action.

Q: You don’t want to take away hopeful the people live.?

I want to take away all hope from people. Every Hope because the hope is the open-ion that all the religion had been supplying to the people.

Q:What is your dent that people should have, one day they may not have hope?

This moment is enough. Hope is for those who are unable to live this moment, who are suffering and are misery they need hope. They only think of tomorrow. My people live today and tomorrow never comes. It always comes as today. They know the secret how to live today. so they will be knowing… the secret anywhere anytime. Ethopia needs hope, India needs hopes, poor country is need hope, re-tarted people need hope, miserable couples need hope, that in heaven everything will be perfectly good. Your wife will not be nagging you there. Your children will not become hippies there, they will not start taking drugs and dropping out of universities there. You need hope. I am giving to my people the reality, hope is only a fantasy. The sick man needs hope for health but why the healthy man should need hope for health. He is already healthy.

Q: Is the message you are bringing only for Sannyasins so only 400-500 thousands of your disciples or do you want bring this message to more people in the world?

I don’t want anything. My people are there, i have not searched for them they have come to me. Those who are in need they should seek me, if they are not need, get lost!!!

It is none of my concern.


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