» The real disaster happens when you get what you want… »

The real disaster happens when you get what you want…


The real disaster happens when you get what you want


Contemplate on this maxim of Murphy:

If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.


What else can you do when you are asleep? Try and try and try again; go on trying. But if the fundamental is wrong, whatsoever you do is going to be wrong.


And the problem with desire is this: if you DON’T get it — which is almost inevitable because all your desires are impossible…. You ask for the impossible; it can’t happen in the nature of things; hence you feel frustrated when it doesn’t happen. And if at all it happens by some miracle, by some accident… if it happens, then, too, it is not going to fulfill you or make you contented because the moment it happens, again your mind starts asking for more; or, by the time it happens you are no longer interested in it.



The soldier boy was unhappy.

“But this is Christmas time,” I tried to cheer him up. “Santa Claus and all that!”

“What Santa Claus?” he cried. “Twenty years ago I asked Santa for a soldier suit — now I get it!”


Murphy’s maxim: Being frustrated is disagreeable, but the real disaster in life begins when you get what you want.


Blessed are those who don’t get what they want, because at least they can hope. The real disaster happens when you get what you want, because then there is no possibility to hope; then you are stuck with it. And it is YOU who have desired it, who had worked for it. But out of sleep nothing else is possible.


Sleep is our common disease; we are born with this disease. It is so common, that’s why we don’t think about it at all as a disease; otherwise this is the greatest disease, according to all the awakened ones.



Buddha’s suggestion is: Be conscious. Bring more consciousness to your inner being and also to your outer actions. He does not want you to create new desires — holy desires instead of unholy desires. He does not want you to become a saint as against being a sinner. He does not want you to substitute your mundane desires with sacred desires. He wants you to do something totally different, that is his great contribution to humanity: he wants you to become conscious.


Out of consciousness a radical transformation happens: desires disappear and peace descends — the peace of desirelessness.




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