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Don’t allow the fear to overpower you…


Don't allow the fear to overpower you...


It is natural, it is not something exceptional. Whenever you have a feeling to be closer to a man like me the fear will come, because to be close to me means to be dead, to be close to me means losing yourself. It is the same fear that grips a river when it comes to the ocean — the banks will be lost, the river will be lost — and every river tries to go back. But there is no way.

If you feel a deep urge to come closer to me there is no way now to escape. You may try but you will be a failure; others have tried, others will go on trying. If you have a deep urge to come closer to me, you will have to come. You can only delay it; by escaping, struggling, you can delay it. You can postpone it, that’s all, because the deep urge is coming from your very being. Fear is only in the mind. The urge is coming from the deepest core of your being, to be closer. But fear comes in the mind because the closeness means death.

To be close to a master is death, your ego will have to go. The ego thinks, starts thinking, “I must escape before something happens; before I am lost, I must escape.” The ego will continuously tell you to escape. The ego will find rationalizations; it will find faults in me just to help you escape; it will convince you in every way that this is the wrong man. Love is deathlike, and no love is as deathlike as loving a master.

If you love a woman, you can dominate her. That’s why lovers go on playing politics with each other, dominating, possessing; the fear is there that if you don’t dominate you will be lost and the other will dominate, so they continuously fight. Husbands and wives, lovers, go on fighting; the fight is for existence, to survive. The fear is there, “I may be lost in the other.”

But when you come to a master you cannot dominate him, you cannot fight with him. So fear is deeper because of that, because you cannot create any politics. Either you have to escape or merge, no other alternative is there. If you escape, from your very deep source of being you hear you are doing wrong; if you escape you will have to come back. If you come closer, the mind says: Where are you going? If you go closer still you may be burned. And it is right, the ego is right: The flame is there and if you come closer you will be burned. Conflict will be created; inner tension, anguish will be created. You can delay, that’s all, sooner or later you will have to merge; no river can escape the ocean. Once you have come closer you have come, and there is no way to go back. No way exists for going back.

You are here. You have traveled long; not only in physical space but also in the inner space you have traveled long. Many, many lives you have been traveling towards this point; you have desired it and now when the point has come nearer you become afraid. The fear is natural. Understand it, don’t let it overpower you. Take a jump, and that jump will not only be a death it will be a rebirth. But you cannot know that. Only death, you see only death; the beyond that is hidden behind the death you cannot see. I can see it; I know you will be reborn.

But nobody can be reborn unless he dies; so death is not the goal and death is not the end, it is just a beginning. When you are ready to die you are ready to be reborn; the old will disappear and the absolutely new will come in its place. That new is struggling from the very core of your being; the old is struggling from the mind because the mind has memory — the old, the past. The past and future are struggling within you. That is the problem.

Now it depends on you. If you are being overpowered by the past then you will delay, postpone, and you can delay it for many lives.

This is not the first time you have delayed; many times you have missed before. Many times you have come across a Buddha, a Mahavira, a Jesus and you escaped. You tried to avoid, you closed your eyes. Again and again you have been playing that game. But the game is natural to you I say, because you can see only death. The river can only see that she will dissolve, she cannot see that she will become the ocean. How can she see? That oceanic existence will be only when the river is no more, so the river cannot see. When your ego is no more, only then will you know who you are.

Don’t allow the fear to overpower you, allow love to overpower you. Love comes from the center, fear always comes from the periphery; don’t allow this periphery to be dominant. And what have you got to lose? Even if there is no rebirth — there is rebirth — but I say even if there is no rebirth and you simply die, what have you got to lose? What will be lost? What has the river got that is worth preserving? The life through the hills has been just a struggle; the life through the plains has been just a dirty passage. What has the river got to lose in the ocean? Nothing.

So think about it. What have you got to lose if you come closer? – your suffering? your madness? What have you got to lose? There is nothing to lose, but we never look within to see that we have got nothing to lose because that too gives fear. You like to think that you have got much to lose, that a treasure is there, and you will never look. There is no treasure, the house is empty; there has never been anything. But you are so afraid, you never look, because you know that there is nothing. Even a beggar dreams that he is an emperor; in dreams he becomes an emperor, enjoys. And then he is afraid: What if the kingdom is lost? But there has never been any kingdom.

You have come to me because there has never been any kingdom. You have nothing to lose, and now you become afraid. Look at the tricks of the mind, the deceptions of the mind; look into them.

That is your fear. What will happen if you come closer to me? Nothing will happen because you have nothing to lose. And everything will happen, because once this nothing is lost everything becomes possible. Once this shelter which has become a bondage to you is lost the sky opens infinitely; once these banks which have been a prison to you are lost you become boundless, you become infinite.
Let the river move, unafraid, into the unknown, the uncharted. Death will be there, but death is always followed by rebirth. Die and be reborn, lose yourself and find. Fear comes from the mind, love comes from your heart; listen to the heart.

If you are ready, for one thing, no more harm can be done to you;
you are already harmed. I cannot harm you any more than you have been harmed – this much is certain. Look at my eyes and feel my voice; give me a chance. It is not difficult, I say to you. Once one is dissolved into the infinite, he is at the source of the thing from where he has come.
I am not there.

If I were there, if the ego were there, then it would be difficult. There is no expert in me; the expert died long ago. The ego is the expert; I don’t know anything.

I am not there, I have disappeared; the ocean exists, God exists, not I.

In the first place, you are close to that thing from which you have come, and for God, nothing is impossible. In the first place, he created you. And I am not there, because otherwise it would be a very difficult thing. If I am there I will harm you; the ego can only harm. Experts can only destroy- they cannot fix you. You have been with many experts and they have done every type of thing that was possible, now you are beyond repair. But the river can fall in the ocean, and suddenly the melody arises; a music will come out of you, a music that you have not heard. It is just hidden in you — the ego just has to be put out of the way.

Even if you keep out of the way for a single moment the thing can happen: the old can die, the new can be born.


from : A Bird on the Wing…ch. 4

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