» Life is beautiful, life is tremendously graceful. »

Life is beautiful, life is tremendously graceful.


Life is beautiful, life is tremendously graceful.

People don’t renounce the world because of suffering, remember. People renounce the world because they become fed-up with pleasure.

Life is beautiful, life is tremendously graceful. All is good. Even that which does not appear to be good on the surface has a goodness in it. It can’t be otherwise.

Infact, the thorns are not against the flowers; they are guards, bodyguards for the flower. And pain is not against pleasure, it is the background. Without it there would be no pleasure.

In the night you see the sky full of stars; where do those stars go in the day? The background disappears. They need the background of darkness; only then can you see them. In the day the background is not there, it is fully light. The stars are still there in the sky, they don’t go anywhere. It is not that they suddenly run away in the day and by the evening they come back. They are there, just the background of darkness is needed for them to shine forth.

Life depends on the polar opposites: good and bad, love and hate, body/mind, matter/God. Nothing is bad, nothing is good. Between good and bad, you have to grow; between good and bad, you have to mature — and BOTH are opportunities, GREAT opportunities. Don’t condemn them.

Respect life, and life will respect you. Love life, and love will shower blessings on you.


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