» live lovingly and learn how to love without possessing… »

live lovingly and learn how to love without possessing…


live lovingly and learn how to love without possessing..

Love is God’s gift. One can only be receptive to it — with an open heart one can take it in. So when it comes, enjoy, dance, celebrate. When it is gone, rest, relax — don’t try to hold it.

And what is true about love is true about many things: laughter, joy, silence, bliss. All the great things of life are like a breeze. The problem arises because we start clinging to them. We say, “I would like to have it forever.” We start becoming possessive, and to become possessive is to destroy all the beauty.

You cannot hold the breeze in your hands, you cannot have it in your fist. There is no way to hold it. When it comes, dance like a tree; when it is gone, be silent like a tree. And enjoy both… both are beautiful.

… And this is the time when one should start learning how to love and how to receive love. If the foundation is right — and this is the time when the foundation is laid — then life becomes a temple. Otherwise millions of people create their lives on the model of a prison, not like a temple. Love makes life a temple; fear makes it a prison. So live lovingly and learn how to love without possessing.
And much is going to happen!


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