» TANDRA is the first glimpse, the beginning of SATORI…. »

TANDRA is the first glimpse, the beginning of SATORI….


TANDRA is the first glimpse, the beginning of SATORI....

Certain stage: in yoga we call it TANDRA. It is a midway point between waking and sleep, and without dreams.

So there are two midway stages between deep sleep and waking. The ordinary stage is dreaming: if you are just in between, then you dream. Either you are awake, or you are fast asleep, or you are dreaming. And dreaming is just in the middle of waking and sleeping; it is the middle passage. This is ordinarily so.

But if your meditation goes deeper, or, if your love goes deeper, the first change that happens in consciousness is a change in the middle stage — dreaming stops. Now it is very difficult to say what it is. You can think about it as sleep, or you can think about it as waking; it is both together — just a balance between the two, a very balanced stage.

TANDRA is the first glimpse, the beginning of SATORI. Dreams disappear first. Then in the next step, sleep disappears; and in the third step, what you call waking, that disappears. And when all three have disappeared, then arises what we call REAL waking. Then one becomes enlightened. TANDRA is the first step; dreams are disappearing.

So sometimes it happens that people fall asleep here — they are in a state of trance. TANDRA can be translated as trance. For all practical purposes, they are asleep. They will not be able to remember my words, but after they are back they will remember that something very deep and silent has happened. Something in their energy has changed.

It is a deep relaxation. In this relaxation if some message arises, listen to it very carefully.


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