» You have to be empty to receive it.. »

You have to be empty to receive it..


You have to be empty to receive it...

The world of religion is not the world of definitions.

The world of religion is the world of experiences.

That’s the difference between a teacher and a Master.

A teacher gives you definitions, explains the scriptures to you.

The Master allows you to go with him into the unknown.

He does not give you definitions, scriptures:

He gives you a push.

He throws you into the bottomless abyss of existence.

All my words are just “pushes.”

They have nothing to do with answering your questions.

I want you to experience.

And bliss is such an experience that it makes you dumb.

You know it, you feel it, you are it. But you cannot say what it is.

It is indefinable verbally, but existentially it is transferable.

Yes, I can give it to you.

My hands are not empty, they are full of it.

But you have to be empty to receive it.

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