» A life of imitation is not a true life…..OSHO »

A life of imitation is not a true life…..OSHO

A life of imitation is not a true life.....

People don't think what they are doing: what kind of dress they are using, whether it is comfortable or not; what kind of houses they are living in, whether they are aesthetic or not. They are simply imitating others.

A life of imitation is not a true life. It is not sincere. One should live naturally on all the four steps:

Instinct is of the body.

Intellect is of the mind.

Intuition is of the heart.

And the fourth, turiya, is of the being.

If you can live all these four in harmony, you are the perfect man. Nothing should be denied in favor of anything else. All four have to be together in a harmony. And if you can avoid habits, if you can allow your nature to be your whole life, no space for habits at all …. All habits take you away from your nature; all habits prove you to be mediocre.

Live naturally and you are as natural as a roseflower; live through habits and you are made of something plastic, dead, meaningless. Then you feel miserable, and nobody else is responsible for it. You allowed imitation to enter in your authenticity and it has poisoned everything. Just follow your inner voice.

Your body has its own wisdom — use it.

Your mind can grow into a great giant as far as intelligence is concerned; use it, but don't be used by it.

Your heart has so much love, so much beauty; it can fill the whole universe, it is oceanic. Allow it to spread and expand, and share it with people.

And the fourth is the ultimate. That is your eternal life with all conceivable blissfulness, ecstasy, joy, fearlessness, deathlessness.

If one lives simply according to his nature on each of these four rungs, he is a true man; he does not have any habit. Habits destroy your truth and impose things on you which were never intended by nature to be your destiny.


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