» A sannyasin, every moment, is a child just born….OSHO »

A sannyasin, every moment, is a child just born….OSHO

A sannyasin, every moment, is a child just born....

What is a sannyasin? He is not a mind; on the contrary, he is innocence. He is innocent, like a child just born — with no past, with no idea of the future.

A sannyasin, every moment, is a child just born. This is the process: every moment he dies to the past. Whatsoever has passed, he throws it away, he renounces it, because it is a dead thing, dust; no need to carry it. He cleanses himself; his mirror becomes again fresh. He goes on cleansing the mirror. This cleansing I call meditation.

People ask me: When will we be able to drop meditation?

You will not be able to drop it. It will drop one day when you are not, but you will not be able to drop it, because you will need cleansing.

You become continuously dirty; every moment the dirt gathers — it's the nature of life. Every moment you need a bath, a cleansing.

When you are not there, then nothing, there is no problem because there is no one who can get dirty. But you are there, so meditation has to be continued. It is an effort to remain innocent.

Look! If you are innocent, there is nothing you are lacking. If you can look with innocent eyes towards the sky, you become the sky. With mind you start measuring. You say: This is beautiful or not beautiful, or today's sky is clouded, or tomorrow's sky will be better, or yesterday's sky was more beautiful. You start measuring.

But if you are innocent, not a mind, but just a being looking at the sky, there is nothing to say, nothing to think. The sky is there, and you are also like a sky: the inner and the outer meet. Both the spaces become one and there is no boundary.

The observer becomes the observed. That's what Krishnamurti goes on saying: the observer becomes the observed. The outer and the inner lose their boundaries, become one.


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