» Aloneness comes out of awareness……….OSHO »

Aloneness comes out of awareness……….OSHO

Aloneness comes out of awareness..........


Not only in early years: I have always been alone on my path. Even today I am absolutely alone. Your being here does not make any difference — my aloneness remains untouched — because aloneness is so intrinsic.

Nobody can enter into your aloneness. You can be in the crowd and absolutely alone, but you may be alone and not alone at all. You can sit in a cave in the Himalayas and still think of the crowd, of the girlfriend and the boyfriend and the marketplace and what is going on there….

I was traveling in the Himalayas and I visited many people who lived in caves for years — thirty years, forty years. When I visited them the first thing they asked was, "Any news about the world? What is going on there?"

Still waiting for news! Then what is wrong with reading a newspaper? If that is the first question — "Tell us something about the world, what is going on there?" — then their minds are there in the world.

You CAN be alone, but that aloneness may not be true aloneness. It may be only loneliness, and you may be thinking and fantasizing about all kinds of things.
Aloneness comes out of awareness; it has nothing to do with where you are in the outside world but where you are in the INSIDE world.


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