» Awareness means: just be a witness….OSHO »

Awareness means: just be a witness….OSHO

Awareness means: just be a witness....

Analysis is not awareness, analysis is of the mind.

Awareness is not of the mind, awareness is something beyond the mind.

When you ask 'why', you have allowed the mind to interfere.

You see a rose flower — you don't ask 'why', you don't ask, "Who has planted this bush, who is the gardener?" If you ask these things then the rose is no more there, you are clouded by other thoughts.

A real understanding of the rose is possible only when you don't even say, "It is beautiful" — because these words will become a barrier. You don't even say, "This is a rose flower" — because this labelling is dangerous.

The moment you say, "This is a rose," all the roses that you have seen before have come in. They will be standing there in a queue. The very word 'rose' will revive all the memories connected with the rose. Not even a single word needs to be there. One has to be just an openness to see whatsoever is there.

Watch the rose flower without any language, without any appreciation, judgement, without saying anything, without asking any questions and without trying to find any answers. Otherwise you have moved in to the mind.

What is mind? The thinking process is mind.'Why' creates the thinking process. Awareness means: just be a witness.


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