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Become vulnerable…OSHO

Become vulnerable...


When you become vulnerable, you become vulnerable for both God and the devil — light and dark, life and death, love and hate — you become available for both opposites.


You have chosen not to suffer, so you are closed. You may not be suffering but your life is a boredom, because although you don't suffer as much as you will suffer if you are open, there is no blessing either.


The door is closed — no morning, no sun, no moon enters, no sky enters, no fresh air, everything has gone stale. And in fear you are hiding there. It is not a house where you are living; you have already converted it into a grave. Your cities are graveyards, your houses are graves. Your whole way of life is that of a dead man.


Courage is needed to be open — courage to suffer, because blessing only becomes possible then.



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