» Be…just be, and wait, and be patient….OSHO »

Be…just be, and wait, and be patient….OSHO

Be...just be, and wait, and be patient....

Be…just be, and wait, and be patient.

There is no need to go anywhere. Even if you go on sitting under a tree as it happened to Buddha; God himself came to him. He was not going anywhere — just sitting under his tree.

All comes — you just create the capacity; all comes — you just allow it. Life is ready to happen to you. You are creating so many barriers, and the greatest barrier that you can create is chasing.

Because of your chasing and running, whenever life comes and knocks at your door she never finds you there. You are always somewhere else.

When life reaches there you have moved. You were in Katmandu; when life reaches Katmandu you are in Goa. When you are in Goa and life somehow reaches Goa, you are in Poona. And by the time life reaches Poona, you will be in Philadelphia.

So, you go on chasing life and life goes on chasing you, and the meeting never happens.

Be…just be, and wait, and be patient.


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