» Boredom is absolutely human….OSHO »

Boredom is absolutely human….OSHO

Boredom is absolutely human....


When people come to me and I look into them, it is surprising how many forms they have moved in, how many bodies, how many shape they have lived in, how many names and religions and countries…and still they are not fed up.


And they go on repeating the old circle again and again.


Remember one thing more.


Just as I said to you that suicide is absolutely human, no animal commits it, the same is true about boredom.


Boredom is absolutely human. A buffalo is never bored, a donkey is never bored — only man, only a highly evolved consciousness.


If you are not bored with your life, it simply shows that you live in a very low state of consciousness.


A Buddha is bored, a Jesus is bored, a Mahavira is bored — bored to death! Just repetition all around and nothing else. Out of boredom comes renunciation.


A man who is bored with the world becomes a Sannyasin. The search is not for another world, it is for an end of the search. It is suicide, total, ultimate?




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