» Death is beautiful, as beautiful as life…OSHO »

Death is beautiful, as beautiful as life…OSHO

Death is beautiful, as beautiful as life...


Death is beautiful, as beautiful as life — if you just know how to communicate with death. It is beautiful because it is relaxation. It is beautiful because the person has fallen back into the source of existence — to relax, to rest, to be ready to come back again.


A wave rises in the ocean, then falls back into the ocean, then rises again. It will have another day, it will be born again in some other form. And then it falls again and disappears.


Death is just disappearing into the source. Death is going to the unmanifested. Death is falling asleep into God. You will bloom again.


You will again see the sun and the moon, and again and again till you become a Buddha — till you are capable of dying consciously, till you are capable of relaxing consciously, knowingly, into God.


Then there is no coming back. That is utter death, that is ultimate death. The ordinary death is a temporary death; you will be coming back again. When a Buddha dies, he dies forever. His death has the quality of eternity. But even the temporary death is beautiful.



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