» Drop beliefs. Have the courage to know…OSHO »

Drop beliefs. Have the courage to know…OSHO

Drop beliefs. Have the courage to know...


All beliefs stink. Drop beliefs. Have the courage to know.


God is an invitation for the ultimate journey.


Let God be a quest, not a belief.


Let it be a question mark on your heart, at the deepest core of your being.


Let the question trouble you, let the question become a turmoil.


Let the question create a chaos in you, because only through chaos stars are born.


And only when the quest has destroyed all your belief systems and you are freed of all conclusions given by others, will you be able to open your eyes to the naked truth.


And it is facing you. It is always facing you. It is just in front of your nose.


But there is a great China Wall of beliefs, and you cannot see that which surrounds you from everywhere.



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