» Each thought has a negative and positive polarity just like electricity….OSHO »

Each thought has a negative and positive polarity just like electricity….OSHO

Each thought has a negative and positive polarity just like electricity....

Each thought has a negative and positive polarity just like electricity. If you have the negative pole, on the other side a positive pole is created. It is automatic.

If you are afraid, the other immediately feels a desire arising in him to oppress you, to torture you. If you are not afraid, the desire in the other simply disappears And it is not only so with man, it is so even with wolves. With animals it is also the same.

If you can remain in the right state — that is, undistracted, silent, just a witness to everything, to whatsoever is happening, with no idea arising in you — then no idea will arise in others around you.

There is an old Indian story.

In the Hindu heaven, there is a tree called 'Kalptaru.' It means the wish-fulfilling tree. By accident a traveler arrived there and he was so tired that he sat under the tree. And he was hungry so he thought, 'If somebody was here, I would ask for food. But there seems to be nobody.'

The moment the idea of food appeared in his mind, food suddenly appeared and he was so hungry that he didn't bother to think about it. He ate it. Then he started feeling sleepy, and he thought, 'If there was a bed here….' And the bed appeared.

But lying on the bed the thought arose in him, 'What is happening? I don't see anybody here. Food has come, a bed has come — maybe there are ghosts doing things to me!' Suddenly ghosts appeared..

Then he became afraid and he thought, 'Now they will kill me!' And they killed him!
In life the law is the same: if you think of ghosts, they are bound to appear. Think and you will see. If you think of enemies, you will create them; if you think of friends, they will appear. If you love, love appears all around you; if you hate, hate appears. Whatsoever you go on thinking is being fulfilled by a certain law.

If you don't think anything, then nothing happens to you.

If you sit in this world, silently, if you live silently, as an alive nothingness, the world will become a paradise. There is no need to do anything else. Just the right state of your consciousness and everything is done.

There are two laws. One law is of the mind. With the law of the mind you go on creating hell around you; friends become foes, lovers prove enemies, flowers become thorns. Life becomes a burden. One simply suffers life. With the law of mind, you live in hell wherever you live. If you slip out of the mind, you have slipped out of that law, and suddenly you live in a totally different world. That different world is nirvana. That different world is God.
Then without doing, everything starts happening.


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