» Every philosophy has failed. Every religion has failed….OSHO »

Every philosophy has failed. Every religion has failed….OSHO

Every philosophy has failed. Every religion has failed....


No philosopher agrees with any other philosopher. And every philosopher thinks that he has found the whole system that explains everything in the world — and all other philosophers laugh at him; they find thousands of loopholes in his system. But as far as they themselves are concerned, they commit the same mistake: they claim that their system is complete and now there is no question of further inquiry.


And the strangest thing is that these are the people who are very insightful in seeing the loopholes of others, but they cannot see the loopholes of their own system. Perhaps they don't want to see. They are there, everybody else can see them; it is impossible that they themselves are not seeing them. They are ignoring them, hoping that nobody sees them.


Every philosophy has failed.

Every religion has failed.


You are carrying the ruins of all the philosophies and all the religions in your mind, and out of those ruins, questions arise. Those questions are meaningless; you should not ask them. They really show your stupidity.

But questions arising out of your ignorance — just like a child asking — those questions are incomplete, not very great questions, but tremendously important.



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