» Go on dying to your knowledge. Never carry it…OSHO »

Go on dying to your knowledge. Never carry it…OSHO

Go on dying to your knowledge. Never carry it...


Remember: knowledge is not gathered only through scriptures — it is also gathered, and more so, through your own experience.


You love a woman, for example. You have never known a woman before, have never fallen in deep love. You fall for the first time — you are innocent, you are a virgin. You don't know what love is — your mind is open. You don't have any knowledge about love. You are spontaneous. You move into the unknown. It is mysterious. Love opens doors of unknown temples, sings unknown songs into your ears and into your heart, dances with unknown tunes. And you don't know anything; you don't have any knowledge to judge by, to evaluate, to condemn, to say good or bad. It is ecstatic. You are gripped by the ineffable experience of love. You live in moments of grace.


But, by and by, you become knowledgeable — now you know what love means; now you know what the woman means; now you know the geography, the topography of love. You have become knowledgeable.


You fall in love with another woman. Now, nothing like the first experience happens — nothing like it. Dull. A repetition. As if you have gone to see the same movie again, or reading the same novel again. A little difference here and there, but not much. Now, why are you missing? Why is the same mysterious experience not gripping you? Why are you not throbbing with the unknown again?


You are knowledgeable. Something so beautiful like love has become a repetition.


Knowing always becomes knowledge. So you have to be very alert: know something — the moment it becomes knowledge, drop it. Go on dying to your knowledge. Never carry it — because no other woman is the same. Your first woman was a totally different world; this new woman you have fallen in love with is a totally different world. It is not going to be the same. But if you move through knowledge it will look like the same.?



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