» Have you ever loved ? You have always asked to be loved…OSHO »

Have you ever loved ? You have always asked to be loved…OSHO

Have you ever loved ? You have always asked to be loved...

Do you have a loving heart? Have you ever loved? You have always asked to be loved, you have never offered your love to anyone. Have you encountered any energy in you which you can call love? Even when you say, "I love you," deep down it is not love but only biological lust. So the same woman, the same man that you love today, tomorrow becomes a weight on your chest, starts killing you.

You are caught in your own promises, because you had promised her just to fulfill your lust; otherwise the woman will not be ready to go into all kinds of sexual gymnastics. You have bribed her with beautiful words and promises: "I will love you forever.

Others have loved, but only when they are alive. I will love you, my beloved, even when I am dead. I will love you not only in this life but all the lives to come." Now you are caught in a net. Once your lust is fulfilled, your biological energy is spent, the woman looks like an absolute stranger.

Everybody wakes up in the morning, man or woman, and wonders: who is the other fellow? And what is he doing in my bed? Only when you are a little better awake you remember, that this is my husband, this is my wife. And again the story starts: "Darling…"

In the old days, stories used to start, "Once upon a time…" Now they start, "Darling…" Early in the morning! And both are very loving, because both are waiting for the other to get up and prepare the tea.

How do you expect people to exchange in love — they have no experience of love. They have never loved anyone.


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