Another sannyasin, on his first visit, says…….

I've been having a pain in my heart since I've been sitting here.

Mmm! That's a good sign — feel fortunate — because to feel pain in the heart is to feel love. When love is too intense it feels like pain; it is not pain. It is not a heart attack; it is a love attack. But they both appear almost the same in the beginning.

Any intensity becomes unbearable, and love is the most intense thing possible in life. And it rarely happens, very rarely, so we remain unaware of the possibility that the heart can feel pain in moments of joy, in moments of intimacy. People have become completely oblivious of their hearts. They live in the head, and if they know of anything they know only of headache. Heartache, the very word has gone out of use; you never hear it. Headache of course is there, but heartache…

This is heartache, and it is good. Accept it joyously. Allow it, don't repress it; because the natural tendency of the mind is to repress anything that is painful. By repressing it you will destroy something that was growing. A sprout was coming out and you will destroy it; a door was opening and you will close it. A vision was just on the way and you will turn your back towards it.

Allow it; not only allow it, welcome it. Not only welcome it, rejoice and dance with it. And then a miracle will be felt: the pain will disappear and for the first time you will feel a new kind of pleasure. It is the transformation of the same thing. The heartache will disappear and for the first time you will feel heartfulness — otherwise the heart remains empty — a kind of overflowing love, not addressed to anybody in particular.
Love always begins in a particular context.

For example, your heartache has started because of me, but that is just a triggering point. Once it is triggered, then it loses that context of two. Then it is not a question of I and thou; then it is simply there, not for somebody in particular but simply there for all that is — for the trees and the sun and the moon and the rivers and the mountains. Then it is simply there; and when love is simply there unaddressed, it is prayer, it is meditation. But in the beginning it always starts as a pain. But you are blessed, so dance with it, sing with it…


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