» I am going to be here….OSHO »

I am going to be here….OSHO

I am going to be here....


There are only a very few idiots, but idiots have a quality of pulling people downwards to their own state.


Man is not an island.


If an enlightened person can pull you upwards,


an idiot can pull you downwards.


And, of course, the journey downwards is easier.


Going uphill is difficult; going downhill no intelligence is needed, no effort is needed.


Even a rock, rolled, will go downhill.


Have you seen any rock going uphill?


That will be against gravitation, that is not possible.


Idiots function like gravitation; so there may be only a few people,


but they create a certain atmosphere which pulls you downward.


And it is easier to go downward.


I know you love me.


And I am not going to leave you,


even though there are moments when anybody else in my place would leave.


But I am not that type of person.


Every difficulty to me is a challenge.


Until I change those idiots,


I am going to be here.


It is a question of great importance:


a struggle between enlightenment and retardedness.


I am not going to be defeated by retarded people.


Either they will have to change,


or they will have to leave.


So don't be worried about me.



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