» I am not teaching you anything; I am here to help you be transformed….OSHO »

I am not teaching you anything; I am here to help you be transformed….OSHO

I am not teaching you anything; I am here to help you be transformed....

Don't be just a student here. This is not a school; in fact, the whole process is one of de-schooling. I am not teaching you anything; I am here to help you be transformed. I am not giving you a dogma or a creed or a religion; I am not interested in all these things.

I simply want to give you that which you already have — it has only to be provoked.
You have to become attuned to me, in deep accord, one with me. Only then will you be benefited. Great benediction can be yours, great blessings can be yours, but you will have to come out of your small prisons, out of your small minds, out of your small egos. And you will get only that which you deserve, which you are worthy of. I can go on showering diamonds on you, but if you don't understand what a diamond is you will go on collecting colored stones.

And people are really so asleep that they don't know what they are doing and they ask for wrong things. They ask for respect, they ask for some nourishment for their egos.

Many people write letters to me — newcomers — saying, "Why in your ashram isn't a little more love shown to us newcomers? Why does everybody seem to be a little aloof, a little cool? Why don't people seem to be interested in newcomers? We come here to find love, warmth."

In fact, behind these words — "love," "warmth," etcetera — all that they are hankering for is some kind of respect, some kind of ego nourishment. That's why people will look cool, people will look aloof.

We are not interested in helping your egos because we don't want to create greater hells for you. You are already in suffering — you have suffered enough. We want to pull you out of your egos. Just a small thing can hurt, just a very small thing. And we have managed things in such a way that there are many things which are bound to hurt your egos. Unless you are ready to drop them you will escape from this place sooner or later.

Only those who are ready to drop their egos will become part of this commune. And this commune is happening after many centuries. There have been Masters with a few disciples…. My effort is to bring such a revolution that the whole consciousness of humanity is affected by it.

Just individual enlightenment is not enough. We have to start a process of enlightenment in which thousands of people become enlightened almost simultaneously, so that the whole consciousness of humanity can be raised to a higher level because that is the only hope of saving it.


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