» I don’t want to be respectable. …OSHO »

I don’t want to be respectable. …OSHO

I don't want to be respectable. ...



I am simply whatsoever I am. Why should I be bothered about my image?


The very worry about the image is egoistic, but your saints are worried, I know that. I have known all kinds of your saints — Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, Sikh Jainas, Buddhists — I have come across all kinds of your saints. They are far MORE political than your politicians, because this very idea is politics: what people are thinking, remain respectable. Respectability is nothing but nourishment for the ego.


I don't want to be respectable. Either you love me or you don't love me; respect is simply meaningless. Respect and the desire for it is egoistic. So those who love me, they will love me as I am. I am not going to compromise, I am not going to accommodate. And I could create that accommodation so easily: I could not use a few words — 'fuck' and 'shit' — and I could become a saint. You see how cheap it is! But I am not interested in such cheap saintliness. If I am a saint then whatsoever I say is saintly; if I am not a saint then I may go on reciting the Gita and the Koran and the Vedas but I am not a saint, I am just a parrot.


I am not interested at all in mirrors. I know my original face — and the original face is not known through mirrors.



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