» if you don’t want contradictions, don’t look through logic.” There is no need for argument at all…OSHO »

if you don’t want contradictions, don’t look through logic.” There is no need for argument at all…OSHO

if you don't want contradictions, don't look through logic.

I am devoted to existence, not to any logic.

And I want to be authentic and true to existence itself, not to any system of logic.


It would have been simple for God to finish the devil, rather than allowing him to corrupt the minds of millions of people and make them do things which they don't want to do, and for which they will have to suffer in hell.


Why not destroy this devil — just a single person — and all sin disappears from the world; everybody becomes a saint because there is nobody to tempt him. It is strange that God goes on allowing the devil to influence people. And the devil is more influential than God himself, because there is a majority of sinners, and rarely… a very small minority of saints. So God does not seem to be as convincing as the devil.


But God cannot kill the devil, because in killing the devil he will be committing suicide. He cannot destroy sinners, because in destroying the sinners, he will be destroying the saints. He cannot destroy hell, because in destroying hell, he will be destroying heaven.


These are contradictions. Although both are fictions, because religious people wanted them to be taken as truth, they had to make the polar opposite. And they both have to remain together, and they will always be together.

Existence, looked at directly, has no contradictions. There are polar opposites which make tension and challenge and adventure, and give color and depth to things, to small things.


And because I am speaking, not as a philosopher but as a mystic, nobody can object to my contradictions. All the mystics have been contradictory. They have to be, because they are not concerned with logic but with truth — and truth is whatever it is. They will say it.


So there is no need to defend me. Otherwise even my people will feel angry at me, that I unnecessarily create trouble for them: I contradict, and they have to face people who show the contradiction. And because the minds of both are based on the same logic, they find it difficult: What to do? — the contradiction is there. They also look with the same eyes as the others are looking.


They have to change their way of looking.


Then only are they really my people.


Then they will not be defending, they will simply say, "If you want to look at his statements through logic you will find thousands of contradictions. It is up to you: if you don't want contradictions, don't look through logic."

There is no need for argument at all.


It is absolutely simple.



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