» IT WAS A FULL-MOON NIGHT. A rare woman, Chiyono, became enlightened….OSHO »

IT WAS A FULL-MOON NIGHT. A rare woman, Chiyono, became enlightened….OSHO

IT WAS A FULL-MOON NIGHT. A rare woman, Chiyono, became enlightened....


IT WAS A FULL-MOON NIGHT. The earth was looking like a bride. Light was showering like rain, and there was great delight in the sky, in the ocean, in the wind. The trees were swaying in the wind as if drunk, intoxicated, lost, and the faraway mountains with their snow-covered peaks looked like Buddhas in deep meditation. The wind passing through the ancient pines was pure music, and the quality of a dancing universe was so solid and so tangible that one could have almost touched it. And on such a night of sheer joy and benediction, something of the beyond descended on the earth.


A rare woman, Chiyono, became enlightened. She regained paradise. She came home. What a moment to die in time, and to time, and be born in eternity, as eternity! What a moment to disappear utterly, and be for the first time.


The nun Chiyono studied for years, but was unable to find enlightenment. One night she was carrying an old pail filled with water. As she was walking along, she was watching the full moon reflected in the pail of water. Suddenly, the bamboo strips that held the pail together broke and the pail fell apart. The water rushed out, the moon's reflection disappeared, and Chiyono became enlightened.


She wrote this verse:


This way and that way

I tried to keep the pail together,

Hoping the weak bamboo would never break.

Suddenly the bottom fell out….

No more water,

No more moon in the water,

Emptiness in my hand.


Enlightenment happens when it happens: you cannot order it, you cannot cause it to happen. Still, you can do much for it to happen, but whatsoever you do is not going to function as a cause. Whatsoever you do is not going to bring enlightenment to you, but it prepares you to receive it. It comes when it comes. Whatsoever you do simply prepares you to receive it, to see it when it comes, to recognize it when it comes.


It happens… but if you are not ready you go on missing it. It is happening every moment. Every breath that goes in and comes out brings enlightenment to you, because enlightenment is the very stuff the existence is made of.



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