» Let your love spread everywhere, over-flooding everything…OSHO »

Let your love spread everywhere, over-flooding everything…OSHO

Let your love spread everywhere, over-flooding everything...


I would not say that you should hate your parents, hate your wife and children, hate anyone at all. In fact, you must love them so much that they cannot contain it within themselves; they must have it in overflowing abundance. Let your love spread everywhere, over-flooding everything, so that nothing can hold it anywhere. Let it be your aim to generate so much love within that none except God is able to put up with it. Only the unlimited can sustain the unlimited. No finite receptacle can hold the infinite overflow.


The unlimited love will flow over and beyond it. No doubt, it will have its share but far beyond its expectation, far more than it can hold. As far as you are concerned, it can never be a hindrance: love becomes a hindrance when it stops somewhere on the way. Lingering love is no true love; it is lust, sensuous attachment. Expanding, ever-widening love, on the other hand, is fervent prayer. Let it not be forgotten that the love that stops midway becomes a delusion, lust, and bondage, but the love that marches ahead like the waves in the ocean is nothing less than a fervent prayer, nothing less than God Himself, nothing less than the beatitude of absolute salvation.


If love does not stop but marches on, it sets us free. Let there be no cessation in its march ahead until the last man too is brought into its fold When the communion with the Soul Supreme takes place. Let me repeat for the sake of emphasis. I advocate love of self. I advocate love of others.


Never consider love unholy or evil. Take care that it does not stop halfway. It is the stoppage that is unholy and not love. Those who consider love unholy and view it In a narrow sense never try to understand that this restricted love is but lingering love. The more it is restricted the shabbier it becomes.


The person who withholds love from others becomes centred round egotism. He stops with his ego — the "I-ness" and "My-ness" of life. In the whole universe of existence the two points that are poles apart are those of the ego and the Supreme Soul.



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