» Let your sharing be spontaneous….OSHO »

Let your sharing be spontaneous….OSHO

Let your sharing be spontaneous....


"When the cloud is ready to shower, it doesn't ask: "Where to shower?


 On the mountains? in a lake? On grounds? In the fields? In the gardens? Where to shower?


On good people? Virtuous or sinners?


On temples or on churches? On saintly people or on worldly people?"


It doesn't bother — it simply showers. It is not a question of on whom to shower. The cloud is ready — it has to shower, to unburden itself.


"When the flower blooms, it doesn't ask: "Towards whose nostril should I float now? Where should I send my fragrance? To saints and mahatmas? or to sinners?"


No, it never asks. It goes on spreading its fragrance, it goes on unconcerned about whom; the fragrance moves unaddressed.


That's what I would like to say to you: Share!


And let your sharing be spontaneous.


When you have to give, give! Why bother??





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