» Life has to become not a single note, but a harmony….OSHO »

Life has to become not a single note, but a harmony….OSHO

Life has to become not a single note, but a harmony....


You have to grow to your total height. But that is possible only if negative and positive both are allowed freedom. Both are your wings. How can a bird fly with one wing? How can you walk with one leg? The same exists on every layer of life: two are needed. In opposition, they give the tension and the possibility of movement. They appear to be against each other, but they are complementary. They are not, in fact, opposites; only the poles are opposites. They help each other to grow. I would like you to grow to your ultimate height, and I would not like you to be hypocrites either. Be true.


My message is: love is great, so great that you need not bother about hate. Let hate be a part in it, let it grow — it will add salt to your taste. Com. passion is vast; a little bit of the sky can be given to anger — there is no harm. But anger should be part of compassion. Anger should not be apart, it should be part of compassion. Hate should be part of love, and death should be part of life, pain part of pleasure, misery part of celebration, of blessing, darkness part of light. And then nothing is wrong; there is no sin. Sin should be part of virtue.


Be great! Rise to your ultimate height; don't remain pigmies. If you remain pigmies you will always be complaining against God, because how can you feel fulfilled? Rise to your height and don't be afraid. The negative will rise with you; it is beautiful. The negative is part, complementary, but the negative should be part of the positive. It has to be because it is negative. A negative cannot become the whole, and the positive cannot become a part of the negative. This has to be understood.


How can life become a part of death? Death is just an absence. How can light become a part of darkness? Darkness is nothing but the absence of light; but darkness can be absorbed into light.

Look outside — the sun has risen. So much light is showering under the trees, small parts, fragments of shadow; nothing is wrong. A weary traveller comes and sits under a tree and is sheltered. It is hot outside, and under the tree it is cool. That shadow under the tree is a part.


Let everything negative be part of the positive. And the contrary is not possible because the positive exists, the negative is just an absence.


This is possible. I tell you this is possible because this has happened to me. That's why it is very difficult to understand me. You would like me to be one pole and I am both. But this has happened to me; this can happen to you. And this is what has always been happening to people who have moved in the right dimension and who have accepted all. I have not denied anything because from the very beginning this became my deepest observation: if you deny something, you will never be whole. How can you be whole if you deny something.? That something will always be missing. This became a deep observation with me, that nothing is to be denied and every thing is to be absorbed.


Life has to become not a single note, but a harmony. A single note, howsoever beautiful, is boring. A group of many notes, many even divergent, diametrically opposite notes, when they meet in a harmony, create a beauty. The beauty is neither in the positive nor in the negative; the beauty is in the harmony. Let me repeat it: the beauty is neither in truth nor lie, the beauty is neither in compassion nor anger; the beauty is in the unity. Where opposites meet, there is the temple of the Divine. Where contradictions meet, that is the pinnacle, the crescendo of life.





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