» Life needs a certain tension to remain colorful. …OSHO »

Life needs a certain tension to remain colorful. …OSHO

Life needs a certain tension to remain colorful. ...


Nature is always between two polar opposites — the greater the tension, the more life.


So looked at logically, there is a contradiction. Looked at existentially, there is only complementary opposition — but it helps to make life more playful.


You can play cards alone; there are games which can be played alone. And I saw in American jails — people have nothing to do, they are just playing alone with cards. But you don't see any joy on their faces, because the other party is missing.


There is no challenge, no adventure; they are simply deceiving themselves. In fact their game is not a game but just a deception. No one is defeated, no one wins; so there is no joy of victory, there is no pain of defeat. The game is flat.

For twelve days I was continuously watching: in every jail so many prisoners were doing only one thing — just playing cards, because there was no other work and somehow they had to pass the time. And they are caged in different cells — so this is good, you don't even need a partner. But you don't see any changes in their faces.


I was watching: while they were spreading their cards and finishing a game, I didn't see any change on their faces. There cannot be, because there is no tension, no adventure. They can even deceive themselves in playing, but they know it. They can always be victorious but they know that they have cheated. But whom are they cheating?


Life needs a certain tension to remain colorful. It needs a certain hide and seek — at least it always needs a polarity



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