» Love is basically a bodiless experience…..OSHO »

Love is basically a bodiless experience…..OSHO

Love is basically a bodiless experience.....


Love is basically a bodiless experience. Even though it is felt through the body, even though it is expressed through the body, it is not part of the body. It is something that hovers around the body, it is an aura around the body. The body is only a field that attracts it, but it is not produced by the material of the body, it is not the same stuff. It comes from the beyond: it lives on the earth but it is a penetration of the sky into the earth.


     That's why the moment you start feeling love you start soaring high; you become more and more astral, less and less physical. When one is in love, one immediately becomes weightless, as if gravitation has no effect on one, because something in one starts growing which is beyond the field of gravitation; and it is so close to one's heart that the earth and the earthly heaviness disappear.


     But I am not saying that one has to love only bodilessly. The body is just the language. The poetry has to be expressed through it but the poetry does not consist only of language; it is more than language, more than grammar. It is like music. The guitar is physical but the music that comes out of it is non-physical. The body is a guitar and the music that can come out of it is love; but love itself is bodiless.



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