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Love life, be more happy….OSHO

Love life, be more happy....

Love life, be more happy. God can come only to a happy soul. Only when you are utterly happy is there a possibility, otherwise not — because misery closes you, bliss opens you up. Have you not watched it, observed it, in your own life?

Whenever you are miserable you become closed; a hard shell surrounds you. You start protecting yourself, you surround yourself with a great arm our — because you know you already have so much pain, you cannot afford any more hurt from anywhere. You have to harden your surface.

Miserable people always become hard; they lose softness, they become like rocks. A happy person is a flower — he is so happy, he is so blessed, that he can bless the whole world. He is so blessed that he can afford to be open.

He has nothing to fear. All is so good, all is so friendly, the whole existence is befriending him — why should he be afraid? He can open up. He can invite existence, he can become a host to existence. Only in that moment, God enters you. Only in that moment, light penetrates you and you become enlightened.

Enlightenment is not something that has to be fought for, it is something that you have to allow. It comes in a moment of let-go. In surrender it comes.


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