» Love transforms everything it touches….OSHO »

Love transforms everything it touches….OSHO

Love transforms everything it touches....


Love is the only home. A house becomes a home if it is full of love; otherwise it remains a house. Love transforms everything it touches. Without love man is a homeless wanderer on the earth. With love, immediately one starts growing roots into the earth. One feels grounded, one feels centered; one is at home.


     The loving heart is at home everywhere, and the unloving heart is at home nowhere. Unless one creates love in the heart, one remains a stranger, an outsider. We can make great palaces outside but they will not be homes. Even a small cottage, a hut, can be a home if you have created love in your heart, if you radiate love.


     Remember it, that love is the only home in existence; all other homes are just poor substitutes. And love is not only a home for you: if you have created it, it becomes a home for others too, and ultimately it becomes the home of god. The man of love finally becomes a temple, an abode for god to reside in.



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