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Moments for meditation….OSHO

Moments for meditation....

I would like you to become so capable that you can remain in the marketplace and yet meditative.

I would like you to relate with people, to love, to move in millions of relationships — because they enrich — and yet remain capable of closing your doors and sometimes having a holiday from all relationship… so that you can relate with your own being also.

Relate with others, but relate with yourself also. Love others, but love yourself also. Go out! — the world is beautiful, adventurous; it is a challenge, it enriches. Don't lose that opportunity!

Whenever the world knocks at your door and calls you, go out! Go out fearlessly — there is nothing to lose, there is everything to gain. But don't get lost. Don't go on and on and get lost. Sometimes come back home. Sometimes forget the world — those are the moments for meditation.


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