» Never go against your inner feelings…..OSHO »

Never go against your inner feelings…..OSHO

Never go against your inner feelings.....

I am not a counselor. Never even for a single moment in my life have I thought that somebody should be according to my ideas.

I share my ideas, I share my experiences — not so that you should become a certain ideal; I share with you as fellow travelers.

It may harmonize with you. You may find that it comes suddenly to your awareness that this is very natural for you; that you were not aware of it, you have become aware.

But it is not my idea then. It is your own idea of which you have not been aware. I share my ideas with you, not to make you into certain prototypes, but to give you an insight into your own nature.

I know myself, I know my nature; I know that all my well-wishers, my parents, my teachers, my professors, my friends, have tried their hardest to make me something else. And I am immensely grateful to existence that I never listened to anybody; I simply went on following my own inner voice.

Whether it leads me into hell or into heaven I have not cared, because my feeling is that if my nature leads me into hell then perhaps that is the place where I belong. In heaven I will be an outsider, I will feel unfit.

Wherever my nature leads is the place that can give me the feeling of joy and the feeling that life has tremendous meaning, that it has great splendor; that it is a miracle just to breathe in and breathe out; that nothing can be more perfect if you reach to the climax of your own nature.

Avoid advisers — because they are so available all around that whether you ask their advice or not they will give it. People love to give advice; it has a certain joy.

People would love to create their own carbon copies, and they will feel very happy that they are the original and everybody is just at the most a true copy.

You have your own originality.

It is better to remember it always.

Never go against your inner feelings.


wish you Love and joy…………… always…….

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