» Questions you have many; that is not going to help unless all your questions are together and create a quest in you….OSHO »

Questions you have many; that is not going to help unless all your questions are together and create a quest in you….OSHO

Questions you have many; that is not going to help unless all your questions are together and create a quest in you....

THERE WAS ONCE A KING who had three sons. Desiring to determine the fitness of each of them for the prospective job of ruling the kingdom, he hit upon a strange test.

The king ordered his sons to accompany him, with bows and arrows, on a ride into the country. Pausing at a spot beside the road near an open field, the king pointed out a vulture sitting on a tree limb, within easy bow shot.

"I wish you to shoot at that vulture," said the king to his eldest son. "But tell me first, what do you see?"

Wonderingly, the prince replied, "Why, I see grass, the clouds, the sky, the river, a tree, and…"

"Enough!" said the king, and beckoned the second son to make ready to shoot. The latter was about to do so when his father again said, "Tell me first, what do you see?"

"Ah, I see the horses, the ground, a field of wheat, and an old dead tree with a vulture on it," answered the youth.

"Never mind shooting it," the king said, and turning to his youngest son, ordered him to hit the vulture, and again repeated the question, "First, what do you see?"

The youth replied deliberately, not taking his gaze for an instant from his intended victim as he drew taut the bowstring and aimed the shaft, "I see," he said, "the point where the wings join the body…" and the young man let fly the arrow and the bird tumbled to the ground.

The third son became the king.

The kingdom belongs to those who can work in a concentrated way — and with the kingdom of the within, more so. The way of moving in life with a direction. with a goal, with a clearcut vision, crystallizes your energies. The goal is just an excuse. The direction is just a device.

Ordinarily you are scattered all over the place, one part going in this direction, another part going in another direction. Ordinarily you are many, a mob, and each fragment of your being is constantly contradicting the other fragment. How can you achieve anything in life? How can you feel fulfilled? If misery becomes your whole story, and if life proves to be nothing but a tragedy, there is no need to wonder. Except you, nobody else is responsible.

You have an inexhaustible source of energy, but even that can be wasted. If your fragments are in a kind of civil war you will not achieve anything worthwhile — to say nothing about God, to say nothing about truth. You will not achieve ANYTHING worthwhile, because all realization, either of the without or of the within, needs one thing absolutely: that you be one — so that your whole energy can pour into your work, so that your whole energy can become a quest.

Questions you have many; that is not going to help unless all your questions are together and create a quest in you. When your life becomes a quest, when it has a direction, it starts moving towards fulfillment. Then it will have crystallization.

Crystallization means slowly, slowly you become one piece, slowly, slowly individuation arises in you. And the ultimate realization of truth is nothing but the ultimate realization of unity within your being. That is the meaning of the word 'God'. God is not there somewhere in the heavens, waiting for you.

God is waiting within you, but you can find Him only if you are one — because only the one can find the one. Remember the famous words of the great mystic, Plotinus: "Flight of the alone to the alone". First you have to become alone. That's what I was saying yesterday to Amrito: become alone. Alone means become all one. This aloneness, or alloneness, this inner unity, releases immense power because all dissipation stops. You stop leaking.

The ordinary man is like an earthen pot which is leaking from everywhere, has many holes in it. You can go on filling it again and again, but again and again you will find it is empty. Your effort will not bring any fruition; first the holes have to be stopped.

Think of your life as a great occasion to become one. Once you start moving in one direction, you pull yourself together. Something in you starts settling. A center arises, and that center is the door to God.


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