» Sannyasins want to be copies of you…………….. »

Sannyasins want to be copies of you……………..

Sannyasins want to be copies of you.................


That is their misunderstanding. If somebody wants to…. But I am continuously throwing them to themselves. And you need not be that way! Even if others are making the mistake you need not: you need not try to become a copy of me. Think about yourself. Why should you be worried about others? If they are going to hell, let them go.


There is no need to be a copy, at least not here.


Each of my sannyasins is individual; that's my message to them. If somebody persists, insists, on being foolish, then it is his decision. But I am not helping anybody to become anybody else's copy. In fact that is not possible. Each individual is so unique. If you become a copy, you can become a copy only on the surface; deep inside you remain yourself. You can never be somebody else.



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