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Someone asked Buddha,
'What is the greatest miracle?'
He said, 'PARABVRUTTI, turning in.'
Turn in, tune in, and you will be able to see clouds a thousand miles away and you will be able to hear the ancient music in the pines. OSHO


Silence can be either of the cemetery or of a sunrise.


Silence can be of a bird on the wing, or it can be that of a corpse.


Both are silences, but diametrically opposite.


The silence of a corpse has to be avoided, the silence of a flower has to be imbibed.


The silence of the flower will make you a flower, the silence of the corpse will make you a corpse.


Both look the same from the outside. Don't be deceived by appearances — always look for the essential, for the very core…


Two things can appear similar from the outside and may be just the opposite of each other. The seeker has to be very cautious, very conscious on each step; because the false is easy to attain.


It is very easy to become dead, and very difficult to be overflowing with life.


That's why millions of monks and nuns have followed a false path — they have become silent.


You can go to the monasteries and you will find people who are silent, but their silence has the taste of death.


Their silence is not the silence of a song, of a dance; their silence is not divine.


In fact they have fallen rather than risen higher, soaring upwards.


They have fallen so much, they have become just dead rocks. Their silence has not been a transformation, it has been a suicide. And because it has not been a soaring up high, you will find all kinds of foolishnesses still in it, waiting for their opportunity, for their moment to explode.


The foolish person can become silent. It may deceive many, they may think, "He has arrived." But he is simply hiding his foolishness, his stupidity, his unconsciousness behind a beautiful facade of silence.



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