» So many desires, so many dreams, so many people are living in you….OSHO »

So many desires, so many dreams, so many people are living in you….OSHO

So many desires, so many dreams, so many people are living in you....

Health comes from the same root as 'healing'. A healed person is a healthy person, a healed person is a whole person. By "health" Buddha does not mean the ordinary, medical meaning of the term; his meaning is not medicinal, it is meditational — although you will be surprised to know that the words 'meditation' and 'medicine' both come from the same root.

Medicine heals you physically, meditation heals you spiritually. Both are healing processes, both bring health.

But Buddha is not talking about the health of the body; he is talking about the health of your soul. Be whole, be total. Don't be fragmentary, don't be divided. Be an individual, literally: indivisible, one piece.
People are not one piece; they are many fragments, somehow holding themselves together.

They can fall apart at any moment. They are all Humpty-Dumpties, just bundles of many things. Any new situation, any new danger, any insecurity, and they can fall apart. Your wife dies or you go bankrupt or you are unemployed — any small thing can prove the last straw on the camel's back.

The difference is only of degrees. Somebody is boiling at ninety-eight degrees, somebody at ninety-nine; somebody may be ninety-nine point nine degrees, but the difference is only of degrees, and any small thing can change the balance. You can go insane at any moment, because inside you are already a crowd.

So many desires, so many dreams, so many people are living in you. If you watch carefully, you will not find one person there but many faces, changing every moment. It is as if you are just a marketplace where so many people are going and coming, so much noise, and nothing makes sense.

Just the other day, Subhash asked a question: "Beloved Master, do you ever dream?"

You can dream only if you are many. You can dream only if you have many desires. I have none. Dreams are a by-product of desiring: what you desire in the day, you dream in the night. Dreaming is a hangover; something has remained incomplete in the day that has to be completed. The mind is a perfectionist; it wants to try, in every possible way, to complete things.

On the road you saw a beautiful restaurant, but you were in a hurry. You were going for some work and you could not enter into the restaurant. And the smell of the food was so enchanting and the color of the food…. You wanted to go in but you could not. You will dream about the restaurant; you will have to dream just to complete the whole process, so that it drops and no longer goes on hanging onto you. But your dreams will reflect your insanity.

A sane person cannot dream — but by a "sane person" I mean a shining one, a buddha. I don't mean by "sane" what YOU mean by the word. To you, the insane people are in the insane asylums and everybody outside is sane. That is not so.

Just the wall of the asylum does not divide the sane from the insane. There are insane people inside and there are insane people outside. The people who are outside have not yet been caught or maybe they are still within the boundary of normal behavior. At least on the surface they can manage; in their innermost core they may be insane.

I cannot dream even if I want to; it is impossible. Whenever I am sitting I am simply sitting — there is no thought. And when I am sleeping I am simply sleeping — there is no dream.


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