» Spiritual power……….be very conscious…..OSHO »

Spiritual power……….be very conscious…..OSHO

Spiritual very conscious.....

Be here with me without any explanations.
Be here with me in a mystery.
This is a mystery school be part of it but don't ask for explanations.


One should never search for power.

Power comes of its own accord but that's another matter.

One should search for peace.

One's goal should remain peace-oriented, then a power comes, a great power,

but it is just a by-product; you don't take much note of it.


Hence the ego can't ride on it.

It comes like a shadow, it is not the main thing.

The main thing is peace and peace is against the ego.

One is as peaceful as one is egoless.

So the ego cannot absorb, exploit the peace that arises in one's being, but it can exploit power very easily.


The people who seek power are more, because that is a natural instinct.

We seek power through money, we seek power through politics, we seek power even through God.

That's why we say that God is omnipotent, all-powerful. But the search is basically wrong.

The search should be for silence, for stillness, for utter annihilation.

The search should be to cease… for nirvana, not for power but to become nothing.

The ego cannot ride on nothingness, and that's the beauty and grandeur of nothingness.


Power comes but then that power is never used by the ego.

In fact that power is never used by you.

It functions without your ever being concerned with it, it functions on its own.

You remain blissfully unaware of it.

It follows you just like a shadow.

You don't think about it, you need not be bothered about it.

And the more humble you become, the more silent, the more the power grows, because all the energy that is involved in the ego becomes released; that's your power.


So you have to take a drastic step.

Forget all about a power search.

And this is my observation,

that the people who are in any way searching for spiritual power,

sooner or later turn into politicians, become victims of politics.

They start moving into politics because there is a logical relationship between the two.

So be very conscious. Here with me you have to disappear.

And then there is great benediction.



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