» The experience of ultimate blissfulness, ecstasy or orgasm has nothing to do with the other…OSHO »

The experience of ultimate blissfulness, ecstasy or orgasm has nothing to do with the other…OSHO

The experience of ultimate blissfulness, ecstasy or orgasm has nothing to do with the other...

This is the teaching of all the ancient mystics: that your bliss is within you, the kingdom of god is within you.


The experience of ultimate blissfulness, ecstasy or orgasm has nothing to do with the other.

It happens within you; the other is only an excuse.
It can be the master, it can be anybody else.

With the master it is easier, because with the master you don't have any expectations. With any other man you have expectations. With any other man you want to dominate; with any other man your relationship is not a relaxed phenomenon. It has nothing to do with the man — it is your attitude, your approach that is decisive.

If your relationship with the master is full of expectations, then this experience cannot happen.
The experience can happen even with a tree, or even with the stars, or even just sitting alone in your room. It has nothing to do with anybody else. You have to understand it clearly: it is an explosion of joy within you.

But sitting alone in your room is the most difficult, because you don't have any excuse. You cannot even smile because you will think, "Am I going crazy? There is nobody and I am smiling."

I was waiting on a railway station platform. The train was to come late in the night, and there were few other people. One man relaxing in an easy chair was attracting everybody's attention because sometimes he would make gestures as if he was throwing something away, and sometimes he would smile and sometimes he would laugh — and the laughter would be so much that he would have to hold his belly, because the whole body was laughing.

I was just sitting by his side. I don't want to disturb anybody — he was enjoying so much — but it was difficult to resist the temptation to know what was happening to the man.

I asked him, "It is interference on my part, I am sorry, but I cannot resist anymore, and we have to sit here for a few hours still. What is going on? Sometimes you throw things away just by a gesture of your hand. And you make such faces, and sometimes you smile, and sometimes you have such a belly laughter that you have to hold your belly — and you are alone."

The man said, "I don't tell the secret to anybody. But you have been sitting by my side for three hours, and I can understand how difficult it must have been for you to resist the temptation of asking. I will tell you the secret. Just come close."

So I went close. I pulled my chair close to him. And he said, "It is nothing special. I am just telling jokes to myself."

I said, "Jokes?"

He said, "Yes, I am telling jokes, but sometimes old jokes that I have told many times start, so I throw them away. And sometimes the jokes are so juicy that I cannot contain myself from laughing loudly — but people are sleeping, and there are so many people, so I have to hold myself and my laughter. A few jokes are such they don't create laughter, but just a very gentle smile."

I said, "You are a great man. You have found a great secret."

He said, "What do you mean by finding `a great secret'?"

I said, "If everybody knew this secret, the world would be much nicer, less miserable; there would be more laughter, more joy. There is no need to wait for somebody else to tell you a joke. This is perfectly good — you tell a joke to yourself, and if you don't like it you can simply throw it away. With somebody else telling a joke, if you don't like it you still have to smile, you have to be a hypocrite.

Deep down you are saying, `Rotten!' but on the surface you are smiling and saying what a great joke it is. And you have found a tremendous freedom. You can choose your own jokes, and you can enjoy any juicy joke as many times as you want — you can start telling it again."

The scientists have discovered that all that happens to you, happens in the centers of your brain. Excuses may be outside, but the real happening is in the seven hundred centers in the brain.

One of the most important men of this century was Delgado. For his whole life he worked on animals and how their brains function. And he was surprised to find that what you call sexual orgasm — which the ordinary man finds to be the ultimate in pleasure — can be managed without anybody, you can do it alone. It has nothing to do with anybody else. You can keep just a small remote controller in your pocket… because there is one center that controls your sexual pleasure.

Delgado was working on white mice. He had opened the brain of one mouse, and planted an electrode at the sex center in the mind. According to his findings, sex has nothing to do with your genitals. Sex is centered in the head — the genitals are only branches spreading out, connected with the center.

He fixed the electrode with a remote controller, and as he would push the button the poor mouse would go into a thrilling experience, ecstasy, orgasm. Delgado could not believe it — it had nothing to do with the genitals; it was direct.

Then he made a small machine with buttons on it, and trained the mouse to push the button if he wanted a mild orgasm, or if he wanted a very strong one, or if he wanted the strongest.

And you will be surprised: even mice are not so stupid — when there is a choice, who will go for the mild orgasm? He had just to push the button and his whole body would go into a thrill. By his side was put his food, water, everything that he liked — but he was not interested in anything.

In one hour he had six hundred strong orgasms — and of course he died, because you cannot survive that much, there is a limit to everything. Six hundred orgasms in one hour, ten orgasms per minute… and he forgot about drinking or food.

Delgado says that whenever we think that our pleasure, our pain, our misery, our joy is dependent on somebody outside, we are wrong.

Outside are only excuses.

And this is the teaching of all the ancient mystics: that your bliss is within you, the kingdom of god is within you.


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