» The journey continues.?…OSHO »

The journey continues.?…OSHO

The journey continues.?...


My being closer to you is not significant. What is significant is your being closer to me.


You say, "Now you are a friend to us."


I have always been a friend to you.


The question is from your side: are you a friend to me?


And my friendship will enhance and enrich my life, not your life.


It is your friendship that is going to enhance and enrich your life.


And if you can be a friend to one who is enlightened you have taken a long jump, you have extended your hands for a faraway star, you have stretched your being to its fullest. This will give you an evolution.


And only after you have reached the point of enlightenment can you see that there are skies beyond skies, that enlightenment is not the end. Existence is not exhausted yet; there is still much more ahead, the journey continues.?



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