» The only way to understand love is to be in it, to be drowned in it…OSHO »

The only way to understand love is to be in it, to be drowned in it…OSHO

The only way to understand love is to be in it, to be drowned in it...

Love is always new, it never becomes old. It cannot become old.

If it becomes old it is no more there, it has already died. One can go on carrying the corpses — that's another matter. But love as such has an intrinsic quality of newness.

The newness of the flowers, the newness of the stars, the newness of children, the newness of dewdrops, the newness of the early morning sun — all those newnesses are part of love.

But love can remain new only if you remain new. It is not possible for love to remain new if you go on becoming old.

Mind is always old. It is the accumulation of the past, it is just a record of the past; it goes on keeping the past filed. So whenever you need to use it you can use it.

It has no idea of the new; hence love is not of the mind, it cannot be of the mind. It arises from a different center in your being; it arises from the heart.

And the heart is always new as the mind is always old. That's why heart and mind never met. They cannot understand each other, there is no communication between the mind and the heart. Their languages are different; the mind speaks the language of logic, the heart is very illogical. And existence is illogical, hence the heart is closer to existence than the mind.

The mind speaks the language of arithmetic and calculation; love is a gambler, the heart is a gambler — it knows no calculation. It moves into the uncharted without any worry, it risks, but in risking is adventure, in risking, life becomes an ecstasy. If you can go into a new adventure each moment, then your life becomes a dance, then it is not a drag.

The mind speaks the language of prose and the heart speaks the language of poetry. It is untranslatable. By the time it is translated into the language of the mind it loses its real meaning, its significance, its flavor. So one has to put the mind aside if one wants to understand love.

And the only way to understand love is to be in it, to be drowned in it. And then this freshness is always with you. Then life becomes full of flowers, then each moment is so new that there is always wonder, surprise, awe. And to live a life of wonder and awe is to live a spiritual life. Others talk about spirituality; only lovers know what it is! Lovers have encountered the divine. Logicians have only been thinking about it, philosophizing about it, but they have not tasted anything of it.

Love is a wine; you have to taste it, you have to drink it, you have to become drunk with it, only then do you know what it is.


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