» The word is the brick that the palace of mind is made of…OSHO »

The word is the brick that the palace of mind is made of…OSHO

The word is the brick that the palace of mind is made of...


" Man is imprisoned by words. Man’s whole problem is language. Below language is the world of the animals and beyond language is the world of the gods. Between the two is the world of man, the world of language, words — philosophies, scriptures, theories and ideologies. The mind consists of words. The word is the brick that the palace of mind is made of, it is the stuff it is made of.


Slowly, slowly, one has to go on dropping the words and one has to enter into silence. And that is not difficult: once you start trying to move towards it, it starts happening. The reality is when all words have disappeared, when you are not thinking but you just are…when there is no thought cloud in the mind but pure awareness, unclouded, an unclouded sky. When there is no thought there is no trembling, no winds are blowing. All is tranquil and quiet. In that quietude, one penetrates reality. Reality cannot be thought about. You can see it but you cannot think about it. To think about it is to go far away from it, because whatsoever you think will be wrong. Thinking is wrong.


You see a rose. What can you think about it? The moment you say it is beautiful, you have gone far away from the rose, from its facticity, from its reality. Now the mind has come in, it says it is beautiful. Now the word beautiful will create many other associations, a chain will start. You will forget about the flower, you will think about the man whom you used to think beautiful or a poem that you used to think beautiful. The flower is forgotten. Now you have got into a train of thoughts. It is unending and one never knows where one is going to land."



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