» This whole existence is enlightened….OSHO »

This whole existence is enlightened….OSHO

This whole existence is enlightened....


There is no chance at all to miss it. It is impossible to be other than enlightened. It is your self-nature, your very being.  


This whole existence is enlightened.


Then what is the difference between a buddha and you? The difference is very simple. It has nothing to do with your quality. Your quality is exactly the same as that of Gautama the Buddha, or Jesus Christ, but you are asleep and they are awake. They know where they are, who they are, and you are dreaming. But one can come out of the dreams; dreams cannot hold you, dreams can't hinder you.


Dreams are dreams, they have no substance in them. They can't prevent you from becoming awake. Dreams, desire, sleep — they are all like darkness.


When you light a candle the darkness cannot prevent it. The darkness may be very ancient, it may have existed for millions of years and the candle may be fresh and just a small candle, but that's enough. Light has a positive existence.


Darkness has no existence at all; it is only absence of light. You can wake up any moment, the candle can be lit any moment, and all dreams and desires will disappear; hence devices have been invented.


What Buddha says, Patanjali says, Lao Tzu says, is that these are only devices to wake you up, alarms and nothing else.?



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