» Try to understand the meaning of love…..OSHO »

Try to understand the meaning of love…..OSHO

Try to understand the meaning of love.....


You love someone — that does not mean that the other should love you also. It is not a contract.

Try to understand the meaning of love.

And you will not be able to understand the meaning of love by your so-called love affairs.

Strangely enough, you will understand the meaning of love by going deep into meditation, by becoming more silent, more together, more at ease. You will start radiating a certain energy. You will become loving, and you will know the beautiful qualities of love.

It knows to say yes, it also knows to say no. It is not blind.

But it has to come out of your meditation — only then does love have eyes; otherwise love is blind.

And unless love has eyes, it is worthless. It is going to create more and more trouble for you — because two blind persons with blind expectations are not only going to double the troubles of life, they are going to multiply the troubles of life.

So be silent and be alert. Be loving.

And you can say no with great love. No does not mean that you are unloving; yes does not mean that you are loving. Sometimes yes may mean that you are simply afraid, it is out of fear. So it is not necessarily that love means yes and you cannot say no.

Love with eyes knows when to say no, when to say yes.

Love neither interferes in anybody's life nor allows anybody else to interfere into one's own life. Love gives individuality to others, but does not lose its own individuality.



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