» Watch a small child; watch his laughter …OSHO »

Watch a small child; watch his laughter …OSHO

Watch a small child; watch his laughter ...

Even laughter is not just laughter. All purity is lost. You cannot even laugh in a pure way, in a simple way, childlike. And if you cannot laugh in a pure way, you are losing something tremendously valuable. You are losing your virginity, your purity, your innocence.

Watch a small child; watch his laughter — so profound, comes from the very center. When a child is born, the first social activity that the child learns — or maybe it is not right to say 'learns', because he brings it with himself — is smiling. The first social activity. By smiling he becomes part of society.

It seems very natural, spontaneous. Other things will come later on — that is his first spark of being in the world, when he smiles. When a mother sees her child smiling, she becomes tremendously happy — because that smile shows health, that smile shows intelligence, that smile shows that the child is not stupid, not retarded. That smile shows that the child is going to live, love, be happy. The mother is simply thrilled.

Smiling is the first social activity, and should remain the basic social activity. One should go on laughing the whole of one's life. If you can laugh in all sorts of situations, you will become so capable of encountering them — and that encounter will bring maturity to you. I am not saying don't weep. In fact, if you cannot laugh, you cannot weep. They go together; they are part of one phenomenon: of being true and authentic.


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